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Optimize your ecommerce flows; grow revenue and increase customer retention

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Drive value creation across your private equity portfolio with standardized reporting

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The most versatile customer data and experience analytics suite

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Journey analytics for high-performing marketers and CX professionals

Self-serve so you don't have to depend on database teams, analyst data pulls, and long turnaround times.

Attribution, A/B Testing, and More
Supporting critical use cases out of the box. Includes marketing attribution, conversion reports, A/B testing, and more.
Audiences and Segmentations
Build audiences, create segments, and export them to your favorite advertising or marketing products.
AI-driven optimization
Use AI and machine learning to predict where your business is going next, find your best customers, and uncover risks.


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Build and optimize CX journeys without any database coding

Imagine if Miro and Tableau had a baby. Drag and drop journey elements and get reports without a line of code.

No Coding Required
Simply draw, drag, and see your reports. No more waiting for CRM or database marketers to open and close tickets.
Supports All Touchpoints
Import any type of interaction data. Page views, survey results, transactions, call center logs, and more — import and analyze any type of customer experience.
Alerts and Automations
Run reports on a regular basis. Get alerted if there are major changes in your journeys or CX flows.


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World-class support whenever you need it

We're more than a SaaS solution. We're a team of researchers and marketers who love driving impact!

Expert Support
We're a team of data scientists, management consultants, and entrepreneurs. We know how to build data-driven companies and we're here to help any time.
Integration and ETL
We offer support for Shopify, Stripe, Magento, BigCommerce, and other platforms.
Beyond Transactions
Web browsing data, email campaigns, surveys, and more — we'll import and analyze it all.
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