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→ Do you offer a free plan?
→ What is your pricing?

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→ Do you offer support and integration services?
→ What if we already centralize our data via a CDP or another approach?

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→ How does DataCX compare to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?


Do you offer a free plan?

Yes. If you are open to joining our Customer Advisory Board (CAB), where you’ll provide us with feedback on ways to improve our product, then we are open to giving you product access for free or at a discount (depending on the size of your data).

What is your pricing?

Our pricing model depends on your monthly tracked users (MTUs) and the length of history of your data. Pricing can be as low as $100/month, and we also offer a free plan.

Do you offer support and integration services?

Yes, we have a team of integration engineers and marketing consultants who can help your company kick off with DataCX and transform your existing marketing operations.

What if we already centralize our data via a CDP or another approach?

We don't need to be your primary data collection process. If you already have a CDP or centralize your data another way, we can integrate data from those solutions instead.

How does DataCX compare to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

GA4 is Google’s latest iteration of Google Analytics. Similar to DataCX, GA4 uses an event-driven approach for user data — every single interaction that GA4 logs is an event that can be tracked as part of a journey.

We recommend businesses use GA4 if they are just starting with web analytics. If you need a more advanced tool to track events, build customer journeys, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders, then GA4’s features are likely too limited for you.

Here are the things that DataCX does above and beyond GA4:

  • Your first-party data remains yours alone. We are GDPR compliant, CPRA complaint, and aim to maintain compliance across any new privacy regulations. This is not the case with GA4.
  • Track individual users — and their identities. Think of DataCX as a CRM-like approach to event-based data and web analytics. Not only do we track events, but we provide the option to track the individual user IDs. This means you can build segments, audiences, lists, and actually communicate with those individuals.
  • Raw database access, like a Customer Data Platform (CDP). All the data we collect, merge, and cleanse is available to use via a SQL-friendly database.
  • Non-web imports. If you have data living in places that are not accessible from a website, we can still merge the data. This includes internal transaction logs, surveys, and more. GA4 does not support non-web data sources.
  • Historical data imports. We’ll import historical data. GA4 only supports data from the time you begin collecting it.
  • Versatile identity management. We can handle personally identifiable information (PII), and we can handle anonymized or obfuscated user IDs. We can also manage data sets across multiple identities and help with data cleaning.
  • Journey-focused collaboration. Our platform is designed with collaboration in mind and focuses specifically on having your marketing and consumer-facing teams map journeys and collaborate directly on the platform.
  • No sampling. Unlike GA, we do not sample data — we collect every single event and track all events thoroughly, so you get accurate data that can be tied to individual users/visitors/customers.

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