Data-driven customer journeys for ecommerce and retail
A complete customer journey analytics solution for your ecommerce business. Track each individual customer's journey, optimize and personalize journeys, and build customized attribution models.
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Real-time monitoring and reporting on all your customer touchpoints.

Attribute revenue across campaigns, emails, and any other channels.

Build audiences and segments based on any part of the user journey.

>10% Revenue Growth

DataCX users typically see over 10% revenue growth after implementing our journey optimizations.

Track all your ad campaigns in one place.

Track performance across channels: ads, emails, and more.

Map and analyze complex, multi-step experiences.

Find and fix bottlenecks in your customer journey.

Journey analytics for high-performing marketers and CX professionals

Self-serve so you don't have to depend on database teams, analyst data pulls, and long turnaround times.

Attribution, A/B Testing, and More
Supporting critical use cases out of the box. Includes marketing attribution, conversion reports, A/B testing, and more.
Audiences and Segmentations
Build audiences, create segments, and export them to your favorite advertising or marketing products.
AI-driven optimization
Use AI and machine learning to predict where your business is going next, find your best customers, and uncover risks.


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We'll never share your email with anyone else.
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