Drive value creation with best-in-class marketing analytics
Build a 360-degree view of every customer for each one of your portfolio companies. Standardize and automate your reporting, so that your portfolio value creation teams can focus on strategic projects.
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Save time by automating and standardizing reports across your portfolio companies.

Drive value creation by understanding and optimizing each company's customer journey.

Use AI to find bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

+8.7% Return on Marketing Spend

Companies generate over 8.7% higher ROMS within one year of launching a customer journey management program.

Track critical metrics and performance indicators. Reports don't require coding and update automatically.

World-class support whenever you need it

We're more than a SaaS solution. We're a team of researchers and marketers who love driving impact!

Expert Support
We're a team of data scientists, management consultants, and entrepreneurs. We know how to build data-driven companies and we're here to help any time.
Integration and ETL
We offer support for Shopify, Stripe, Magento, BigCommerce, and other platforms.
Beyond Transactions
Web browsing data, email campaigns, surveys, and more — we'll import and analyze it all.


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>10% Revenue Growth

DataCX users typically see over 10% revenue growth after implementing our journey optimizations.

We'll never share your email with anyone else.
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